Hello world!

Welcome to “Towne Woman Creations,” also known as TWC. This is a place where you can see creativity come to life. I enjoyed doing crafts as a child but, I never thought I would be crafter when I became an adult, but when I started I suddenly realized how much I really enjoyed creating beautiful cards and gifts, and then seeing the surprising looks on people faces when its all done. Then there was times when I would be scrapbooking until 5am in the morning:-0 It became a way for me to relax and do something that I love. This is how TWC was discovered. Towne Woman was a name given to me by my daughter, because she always wanted me to stay home with her and her sister, shop and pick them up from school early. It’s another name for stay at home mom:-)) I thought it was so cute and perfect for my business. The logo was made by a local artist from Chicago named Gerald Griffin. Finally, I had the wonderful experience of opening up a booth downtown Bloomington, Illinois. This journey has been so great that I am looking forward to the next phase.
Phase II will be more themed card creations, and more focus on baby books and children party favors. I am also hoping to start hosting craft classes for kids as well. So stay tuned and check back for new updates.


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