About Towne Woman Creations

My name is Tammy Chewe and I am very passionate about creating unique and elegant handmade cards and gifts. I started crafting as a child making my own paper dolls and crocheting baby blankets. Today as a mother, wife and a career woman I still find time to embrace creativity at all levels. I hope you enjoy my projects as well as I enjoyed making them.

My projects include handmade decorative cards, keepsake boxes, journals, gift bags, scrapbooking albums, party favors and many more.  Also, I have the pleasure of having my two daughters share their creative talents: Jai’ Chewe is a published author as of 2015. She recently pubished her first childrens book called ” The Jazzi Club.”  My oldest daughter Mia Simone is a artist, trained actor, and excellent public speaker. 

 You may contact me at: cell 360-485-8078 or email : tammychewe@msn.com. Many of my creations are featured at Off The Wall Gallery on Main St in downtown Bloomington Illinois. I hope you enjoy my images and will check back to see new images as they are added.


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